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Do you feel like your bathroom is ‘too small’, even if it’s dimensions aren’t really ‘considered small’. Do you feel that by the time you place all your beauty products, bathroom accessories and bath towels inside your bathroom cupboards, you feel that your bathroom is full, at it’s limit and you wanting more space?

If you are anything like me, I never fail to fill up all the storage space available in each of my bathrooms; I don’t think there is an inch of spare space.

It wasn’t until we built an extra smaller guest bathroom in our house that I had to make use of smaller bathroom space. So if you have a small bathroom or just have a bathroom storage problem (like me) and are in need of smart small bathroom ideas and small bathroom storage ideas and inspiration, these small bathroom decorating ideas will have you making the most out of your bathroom space and storage in no time.

Each method is super easy and cheap to do, so there really is no excuses in maximizing your small bathroom storage.

Shelves, Shelves and More Shelves….

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I recently wrote an article about over toilet storage, and in addition to that idea, using small shelving is a super handy, easy, neat and organized way for storing all your bathroom essentials.

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I am addicted to using modern and creative shelving in our home, hence in regards small bathroom decorating ideas, my first tip is this: create space where there wasn’t any previously!

How? With – Floating Shelves.

Floating shelves are not only cheap and easy to install, but they aren’t limited to where they can be placed as you can place them anywhere. The most popular place for small bathrooms is above the toilet (just like our over toilet storage tip) or simply, on any empty wall or space in your bathroom.

To organize your accessories on the shelves, simply place a few baskets, hand towels and a few jars and decorations and you are set to go. This is one of the simplest and easy small bathroom decorating idea at your fingertips.

Shelf Above the Sink

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As a flow on from the above idea, you should place shelves anywhere in the bathroom as much as possible to make the most of the space.

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Another handy way is to place a floating shelf above the sink and below the mirror. It’s actually a place that is often overlooked but it’s not only excellent for extra storage, it’s perfect for those little beauty items that we use most often and need in easy reach.

This means you can place extra bathroom essentials, on the sink top as well as on the floating shelf above it.

Smart Bathroom Cabinet Storage

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Generally, if we have a bathroom cabinet, we use it to the fullest, but have you thought whether you are really taking advantage of your cabinet properly? This idea will rethink that!

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For essential items such as hairdryers and strengtheners, brushes and hairspray that we use nearly everyday, one of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms is to install a storage unit on the inside of the cabinet door.

It not only looks pretty, it’s super useful aswell.

This is perfect to place the items you use the most in an ‘easy to grab and use’ way.

This an excellent and cheap way to make the most of your storage space by arranging your devices and accessories in an organized way to make room for everything else that needs to be stored aswell.

Bathroom Baskets at Every Opportunity

If your bathroom cabinet is elevated above the ground, why not take advantage of the space by placing baskets or wooden boxes underneath?

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Why let the space underneath your bathroom cabinet be lost when it can be used as storage space. Remember, your bathroom is small enough as it is, let’s make the most of it. These are also an excellent idea to place bathroom towels and mats for so they can be easily reached by everyone in the family.

My word of advice – make it pretty by investing in quality baskets or storage hampers. Don’t opt for cheap plastic containers, otherwise you’ll just make your bathroom look tacky (and kinda like you are moving in or out).

My Advice: Invest in wicker baskets or wooden boxes and jazz them up with a bit of ribbon. The seagrass range above are the most popular option.

Change Your Towel Rack

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Most of us have ordinary towel racks in our bathroom to hang our bath towel. Even if you currently have one or if you are looking for a new one, if you want more space, it’s time to consider this type.

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Replace your ordinary towel rack that you probably currently have, with one that has a shelf and a towel rack.

This style provides you with two for the price of one for drying your bath towels and providing accessible storage space too!

Door Shelf

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What about the space in-between your bathroom door and the roof? I have to be honest here and say that this one isn’t my idea but I think it’s an excellent one to make the most of your bathroom. Something I never had thought of before.

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Who said that space can’t be used – we’ll if you have a small bathroom, it not only can form part of your decor but it provides excellent storage for small bathrooms. Plus, you’ll be surprised that not many people will even notice this area when they they use the bathroom, as it’s above head height.

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