Simple & Cheap Home Storage Ideas


Tired of spending hours and hours looking for something in your house, simply because things are just so unorganized? Do you lack time to organize yourself properly?

Organization doesn’t need to be hard, nor does it need to be time consuming.

You can get organized with simple ideas which will help you to simplify your home (and life)! There are different options for all the rooms of your house: kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Storage doesn’t have to be limited to plastic only, you can include different varieties of storage throughout your home, including wood, metal or glass. They will help you to keep everything you have in the right place. There are a lot of creative ways to store your stuff without needing a lot of space or a lot of money.

Bedroom Storage

I totally get it and I’m on the same page, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it’s very difficult to keep the room organized, whatever room that may be. You don’t need to be an organizing maniac, but being a bit organized will make your life easier. You room will always look organized with all your things on the right place.

Here we have some inspiration:

If you have a lot of makeup or always loose jewelry, buy a beauty organizer. You can buy one with individual cubbies and drawers that will hold your jewelry and cosmetic products. You can arrange as you want. For clothes, you can buy an arrow hanger and use it as an extra closet. You can buy basket storage and store with few important things you have.
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Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is a place we always have to keep clean, tidy and neat. You don’t need to have a lot of objects inside your bathroom you just need to find the right way to fit it.

If you have a lot of objects to store in your bathroom, add a wall cabinet above the sink or near the toilet. There, you can store what is important: personal stuff, hairstyling tools, toothpaste, hair products, etc. In your storage leader, keep towels, bathroom tissue, shaving supplies, soaps and washcloths. Under the sink, you can keep cleaning products or medicines. Buy baskets storage or personalized boxes, organize and label each medicine and cleaning product.

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Living Room Storage

There a lot of ways to organize your stuff and you have a lot of options of styles and colors. If you have a large bookshelf, fill it with basket storages. They can be made of plastic, wood, metal or any other material.

Here, we can see some inspiration. In both images, the basket storage is made of different materials and colors. They have a lot of usages and you can fill them with books, CDS, DVDS and more.

The first basket storages are very simple but yet very stylish! They can fit well in a bookshelf, cabinet or cupboard. The second one can be used in a bedroom or in the living room. The third can be used in your living room or bedroom. You can put anything you want inside your storage baskets. They offer a stylish way to organize your space in your house. If you want to buy, click here:

Kitchen Storage

Always keep the kitchen clean and organized. You can store your kitchen supplies inside your cabinets or the most used supplies in one side of the kitchen and less used in another side. Buy hangers to keep some utensils and arrange them according to their function are some good ideas. It will help you to keep the place very organized.

The cabinet allows adding extra storage space in any room. You can buy a small or a big one, it’s depends of your needs. In your cabinets, keep all the things organized. If it’s needed, you can label each drawer or shelf. You can also have a holder for cups, mugs, pan, plates and condiments outside, you only need to keep an specific space for each one.

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