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We all know the importance of bathing; not to mention the other stuff that goes with it. Most of the time we’re concerned about our bathroom’s design, our bath towels and bathroom mats and so on. But one of the most important things that we tend to forget is where we are going to store all of these things inside our bathroom in a neat, organized and easy to reach way.

Without proper bathroom storage, where will you find space for everything you need?

Do you have enough room for absolutely everything, such as body towels, face towels, robes, lotions and all your hygienic products?

Yes, unless, you plan on crowding them in the small space under your sink like most of the population does?

What about how annoying it is reaching in underneath the sink to try and find something but everything else is pilled on top? (This always tends to happen when you lack time and are rushing out the door…)

But what about when you accidentally bump your cabinet causing all your products to fall even with the slightest movement?

Or, in the past, have you have you bought big bulky bathroom cabinets that cram your bathroom that you later regret buying?

Well, if you have any regrets or are confused as to where to store all your bathroom products and accessories, read on to find out how….

But first, something to think about….have you ever thought of using the wasted space on top of your toilet as a space saving way to store all your bathroom essentials?

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What is the Best Way to Save Space & Store Items In Your Bathroom?

What are Over the Toilet Shelves?

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Bathroom Space Saver Storage Ideas

Modern Space Saver (NEW ARRIVAL!)

Over Toilet Ladders (NEW!)

Over Toilet Cabinets (Smaller, Half Size)

Smart Bathroom Shelving

Well, you don’t need bulkiness anymore, there is another solution; bathroom space savers!

Have you thought of this before? If you have, you need to action your thoughts or if this is a new idea, you need to think about it and view the best products below…

This is where storing all your bathroom essentials on top of your toilet is the modern way in bathroom storage. This is what will discuss in today’s article, I will explain more about it….

One of the best innovations in this century is the rise of space-saving furniture. I think furniture that is multi functional and at the same time, space saving is absolutely amazing.

We will discuss today, three types of storage, these types as show in the photos below…



It’s especially handy these days as many of us live in small spaces or if we don’t have a small house or small bathroom, we generally all want to make the most of what we have. This holds true, not only in our living spaces such as the living room, kitchens and bedrooms, but more importantly it extends to the smallest areas of our homes, the bathrooms.

So hear me out, whether you lack space or have enough, you can never have enough storage space. Especially in your bathrooms where typically, bulky towels, bathmats, robes and our endless about of beauty and skincare accessories get housed. So if you are here today reading this, you are definitely in need of this extra storage space in your bathroom, even without realizing it.

Eliminates Clutter

Maximizes Storage Space

Utilizes Wasted Storage Space Above The Toilet

Looks Classy and Modern

This toilet storage idea that allows you put things in order and save space. These ‘space savers’ are called all different things in different parts of the world so when I refer to ‘over toilet storage’, it can also be interpreted as a toilet organizer or etagere aswell… they all are…simply, shelving which is placed above the toilet in your bathroom.

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Over The Toilet Storage Ideas


I would have to say that if you want variety to choose from in a toilet etagere, you’ve got it with this brand; there is approximately 10 different styles, designs, makes and finishes to choose from!

So if you want a bathroom space saver in Nickel, or Wood with Frosted Glass, White Wooden or White Metal, take your pick with this brand, it has pretty much any finish and design to suit most bathrooms!

Best Selling Product: Available Here

Price Range: $19.71 – $40.96

Colors & Styles: More than 10

Range: Click Here to View All


What’s the best feature about this brand? Each type of bathroom shelving comes with an ‘easy to assemble’ guarantee, especially if you are not keen on assembling things. So, for many, this etagere, is indeed a lifesaver for those who dislike furniture that take most of their time by just trying to figure how it is assembled; whilst making the most of your storage space in no time at all.

Zenna-Bathroom-Spacesaver-1No more sweating over small bathroom storage. Got more items? Worry not! With Zenith’s range in space saving products, your items will surely have enough room. You no longer have to figure out how you will organize your things – your new shelves over the toilet will house everything you have.

Zenna-Bathroom-Spacesaver-2As a brand, this company is known for their innovative products and at the same time, being cost effective. With their high-class and beautifully designed furniture, they now cater to many customers worldwide and are on the top of the market being one of the highest selling and highest rated products in this category.

This Style in Heritage Bronze Comes With 3 Pieces: Spacesaver, Door Hook and Toilet Paper Holder. Click Here For More Info.
This Style in Satin Nickel Comes With 3 Pieces: Spacesaver, Door Hook and Toilet Paper Holder. Click Here For More Info.
Click Here to View Entire Range by Zenna

Modern Space Saver (New Arrival)

This brand is a hot new arrival in space saving cabinets. It’s become a hot favorite as the cabinets are like no others – they are modern, sleek, chic, minimalist and come with all matching bathroom furniture and cabinets to complete the entire look!

Stockholm Range: Available Here

Montreal Range: Available Here

Bamboo Range: Available Here

Price Range: $79.99 – $129.99

This Range is Available in Oak, White and Grey Glaze. Click Here to View Entire Range, Otherwise See Below For Product Specs

To Purchase: Tower Cabinet (Left), Vanity (Under Sink), Hanging Wall Cabinet (Top), Floor Cabinet, Space Saver (Right)

Evideco-Stockholm-Bathroom-Furniture-Set To Purchase: Hanging Wall Cabinet (Top Left), Space Saver (Bottom Left),  Vanity (Middle), Tower Cabinet (Top Right),  Floor Cabinet

You cannot say a bad word about any of the models as they have all been so beautifully and intelligently designed. You can get a combination of shelving, shelving and cabinets or just cabinets with each.

For the modern bathroom look, this brand will not fail you.

Modern-Toilet-Space-SaversI must admit, this is my new favorite brand in bathroom cabinets. I love everything about them. There is a few different models available when you can see in the images I’ve included here.

Modern-Bathroom-Furniture To Purchase: Space Saver (Left), Floor CabinetVanity (Under Sink), Tower Cabinet (Right)


I can’t tell you enough, how much I am a fan of bamboo. If you don’t know already, there is so many benefits of having bamboo in your household. And no, I don’t just mean the plant. You can buy bamboo furniture, bamboo sheets for your bed, bamboo pillows to sleep on and bamboo towels for your bathroom. Bamboo is an excellent material to use, not only for furniture but for your health and well being aswell. This brand has a range of matching bamboo bathroom furniture, including a bamboo space saver, a freestanding floor cabinet, a sink vanity and a linen tower that are absolutely stunning to say the least! Yes, another one of my favorite from this brand and above all toilet space savers too! Check them out below.

Bamboo-Toilet-Space-Saver-Furniture To Purchase: Space Saver (Left) , Vanity (Under Sink), Floor CabinetTower Cabinet (Right)


Using a standard space saving toilet shelf is indeed, good storage, however, wouldn’t it be much nicer if these shelves were adjustable? No worries here. This brand offers spacesavers with adjustable shelves.

Best Selling Product: Available Here

Price Range: $62.61 – $107.99

Colors & Styles: 2

Range: Click Here to View All

BONUS: Item is Eligible for Free Replacement Parts*

*When Purchased From Here

Sauder-EtagereAdjustable over the toilet shelves makes your storage above your toilet functional since you can make changes depending on the size of the items that you’ll be putting there instead of being fixed shelving and having difficulty finding the right accessory for each shelf. Additionally, you can adjust their height allowing your small children to reach their hygiene products as well (unless, you have no plans of sharing your toilet with them).

Sauder-Etagere-BrownWorried about the products finish? Don’t worry, just like the brand above, there is a variety available to you (and ever expanding product range) for this brand in bathroom toilet shelving. You can choose from, the two above (the white over the toilet storage comes with a faux slate finish shelf, which I personally love)…

With the some of the most purchases out of all brands included here, Sauder is one of the leading brands and most ravved about by customers with their space saving toilet storage ideas. It has over 1200 customer reviews submitted, and counting..

Sauder has been around for so long that they have established a great reputation with their customers. One of the best things about this company is that they sell easy to assemble furniture, which is probably why a lot people prefer to buy their products.

What’s great about this brand is that you can buy matching bathroom furniture to complete the entire set and fill all your bathroom storage needs. You will have unlimited room to place all your bath towel linen including hand towels and also room to display your fingertip towels aswell as plenty of room to store your bath mats inside.

Sauder-Bathroom-Cabinets To Purchase: Tower Cabinet (Left), Floor Cabinet (Right)

Sauder-Bathroom-Storage-Cabinets To Purchase: Tower Cabinet (Left), Floor Cabinet (Right)

Creative Bath

Wiping shelves is quite troublesome for some of us (yes indeed it is; that would be one of my dear friends, sorry Joanne). But surprisingly, a lot of us do and if you happen to hate wiping down shelves, then you can opt for Creative Bath’s over toilet space saver.

Product: Available Here

Price Range: $63.57 – $85.00

Specs: 3 Piece Set

Info: Click Here to View Info


This bathroom space saver is made of metal; and with its sleek design and oil rubbed bronze finish, cleaning each bathroom shelf poses no difficulty at all, just get a cloth and wipe it over.

Creative Bath is known for its flexibility and their company stays in touch with the changing needs of its customers. They manufacture various household bath furniture and accessories as well as organizational products. Among their best organizational product is this one by far.

This particular bathroom space saver is excellent value for money, for it comes as a 3 piece set, including the over toilet space saver, the over the door hook and the magazine rack. You can also get other bronze bathroom matching accessories below, including the toilet tissue basket, bronze waste can, toilet brush holder and an extra matching storage tower or wall cabinet if you require additional space in your bathroom.


Creative-Bath-Bathroom-Storage To Purchase: Storage Tower, Brush Holder, Waste Can, Basket


Not sure of your toilet’s size? This bathroom space saver can save you the worry of whether the size will fit your current and future toilet as it fits all!

Product: Available Here

Price Range: $22.99 – $26.56

Specs: 3 Piece Set

Info: Click Here to View Info

Three-Shelf-Bathroom-Space-SaverDesigned to fit any storage space, this toilet storage stand is solid but lightweight so it’s super easy to move. So do you do a lot of cleaning? Go on, move it, doing so wouldn’t be so difficult.

It consists of 3 shelves in a sturdy design and can hold up to 20 pounds on each shelf.

This brand is known for its quality and value friendly products. They sell both kitchen and bathroom organization products. Their products also receive good reviews from customers because of being good quality and easy to assemble. They sell this product which is inexpensive and great for those who want a simple storage space for their bathroom.


If you want to maximize your floor space, ATHome’s bath space savers will help you a lot!

Product: Available Here

Price Range: $44.99 – $102.57

Colors: 2

Range: Click Here to View All

At-Home-Space-Saver-WhiteThis type of bathroom shelving features no tool installation so setting this up isn’t troublesome. You just need your hands; that’s all! There is a few colors available and each is made of a special patented technology.

ATHome-Space-Saver-ChromeATHome offers over the toilet cabinets that have adjustable bases. You can now utilize the floor space for other uses if you wish. Although the polished chrome one is over $100, the simple white one is affordably priced around $40. See above for latest price.

This brand sells a variety of house furniture for low and affordable prices. Their products are made of high quality and long lasting materials.  Their bath space savers will surely suit those who prefer a modern design but not too bulky.

Elegant Home Fashions

Want a touch of elegance in your bathroom? Elegant Home Fashions is the answer to your refined taste. True to its name, this brand is known for its elegant space savers.

Best Selling Product: Available Here

Price Range: $87.77 – $95.36

Colors & Styles: 2

Range: Click Here to View All


If you wish to add a great deal of sophistication at home, check out their products. Even their space savers like the Lisbon Collections Shelved Bathroom Space Saver is made so stylishly and beautifully designed which is just perfect for that beautiful bathroom also!

These will surely wow your visitors once they get to see how stylish it is (imagine a guest commenting on how stylish your bathroom etagere actually is, you would be left speechless!).

Both are made of sturdy wood which will surely last a long time in your home. Moreover, it offers windowed cabinets. Your towels and other hygienic products are perfectly safe from falling.

(NEW!) Over Toilet Ladder Shelves

This is one new type of storage for your bathroom, and it’s so popular! It’s great for those of us that have a small bathroom but still want to have that new modern look by incorporating the new style of ladder shelving.

With Storage Bin: Available Here

Ladder Shelf: Available Here

Price Range: $44.99 – $60.96

Range: Click Here to View All


We know already that ladders are very popular as ordinary shelving in bedrooms and also in bathrooms to hang towels upon. However, ladder shelves are also serving as a great purpose to be placed on top of your toilet. These two brands below have started manufacturing these ladders which you can specifically place behind your toilet. This way, if you have small bathroom, you can still enjoy having modern and minimalist furniture in your bathroom.


They are relatively affordable and serve as great storage space. Be mindful however, that they don’t provide as much storage area as the ones mentioned above.


These are specifically manufactured to be fit in the space of your toilet unlike ordinary ladder shelving. Hence, do not go and buy ordinary ladder shelving thinking it will fit within this toilet space. These also have non-slip moisture resistant feet which are required in your bathroom also.


If you do upgrade your home or bathroom, the great thing about these is that they can still be used in the future, even if you decide not to use it above your toilet. As seen in the images below, you can place a laundry basket underneath or other furniture that fits perfectly and looks modern and functional!



Toilet Cabinets

Another option is to install smaller cabinets above the toilet. Each image below includes the best selling bathroom cabinets which, if you are interested in installing this type of cabinet in your bathroom, you should preferably install a high quality and recommended product.

There is two types of freestanding smaller cabinets. One type is a toilet wall unit type and the other is half of the toilet storage cabinets as shown above.

Feel free to browse through the products and select the image to view more details of your preferred choices.

Over-Toilet-Cabinet-New Over-Toilet-CabinetSometimes, the free hanging cabinets are preferred as they can be installed anywhere, not just above your toilet but any wall of your bathroom, or even your bedroom, living room or hallway.

White-Wall-Cabinet-Over-Toilet Toilet-CabinetSummary

Now ideally, these above are what you should all be looking at, when finding the right bathroom cabinets you would like to place over your toilet to use up that wasted (but useful) space. Thanks to these cleverly thought out and designed storage solutions, your bathroom will now be far from being cramped and disorganized. So with all these products, which one will you consider in your bathroom?

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