Flannel Sheets for a Warm and Cozy Sleep


There’s something different about sleeping in winter. It’s snowing outside, and you curl up in your bed to warm yourself up. And if you love snuggling like me, you may just wish you were a bear hibernating in winter like I think sometimes (LOL).

So since we have started talking about warm winter bed sheets, what is your personal preference for warm bed sheets?

For me (and for most people), it’s all about flannel bedding. I find flannel bed sheets totally comforting, and I don’t have trouble sleeping whenever I lay on my bed in wintertime. I have heard about people who have trouble sleeping in winter, they toss here and there and suddenly it’s two a.m. and they are still wide-awake. I suggest to them about flannel bedding and their typical response is ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ – typical….

Flannel sheets don’t get as much attention as the other types of sheets. In terms of affordability, flannel sheets are also far more affordable than comforters as winter bedding. Flannel sheet sets provide much more warmth and weigh much lighter than an expensive comforter. Additionally, flannelette sheets also lower your heating bills, as using flannel sheets can keep you warm all night, even though your heater is on a low setting.

Best Flannel Sheets

1. Pinzon

#1 Brand for Flannel Sheets!

Pinzon-Flannel-SheetsPinzon flannel sheets are the the most bought flannel sheets for autumn and winter. Not only are they the most bought by customers, they are the highest rated cotton flannel sheets and they have the largest variety available (some of which is shown in the image, but you can view all here as there is many patterns and types available).

The ‘plaid flannel’ and ‘snowflake’ are also very popular choices aswell.

Most Popular: Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

Extras: Duvet Cover, Pillow cases & more

In terms of softness, this brand of flannel sheet set is amazing. They also have secure placement feature as they are ‘deep pocket flannel sheets’; which means the sheets will fit securely even on a thick mattress.

All flannel sheets are machine-washable and they feel like there is unlimited colors/styles available to suit any home decor. The colors are classy, which make your bedroom feel and look like an expensive hotel room.

Why are the best selling flannel sheets? They offer quality at an affordable price!

2. Tribeca

Tribeca-Flannel-SheetsTribeca flannel sheet sets are the 2nd most popular brand.

Again, there is many designs, styles and colors to choose from, not just the ones shown in the image, click here to view entire range.

Most Popular: Living Garden Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

If you don’t want solid colors or plaid but are into something different like, garden or floral designs, this set will work well for you. But apart from the floral flannel sheets, Tribeca Living also offer other designs, styles and colors to choose from; a great array of choices for everyone at any age!

This particular set is made of 100% cotton (great for all cotton lovers out there), and they also have a deep pocket sheet design, which makes it easy if you have an extra deep mattress.

This brand is quite popular also so they usually have less than 10 stocks available online, so get in quick to remain warm for winter!

3. Shavel

Shavel-Flannel-SheetsShavel flannel sheets are soft and are anti shrink and anti pill. Shavel’s thermal technology is so good that they have a patent pending for their ‘micro flannel’ technology as its a thermal design keeps you very nice and warm (and cozy).

Most Popular: Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

Don’t worry, just because it’s 3rd on the list, doesn’t mean it’s bad. They are amongst the most popular products sold (in addition to the most popular below, customers rave about the red flannel sheets also), are highly rated and provide great warmth for all snuggles!

All flannel sheet sets are wrinkle-resistant and also come as plaid flannel sheets. Also available are california king flannel sheets and all sizes including twin flannel sheet sets, flannel queen sheets, king flannel sheets and more! Shavel flannel sheets are also not too heavy, but are still great as warm winter bedding.

4. Pointehaven

Pointehaven cotton flannel bedding have a few designs available (I love the new funky designs in 2015), especially if you want to match your bedding designs with the winter season or christmas season (including the highly popular snow flake flannel set which are the #1 best flannel christmas sheets).

Most Popular: Heavy Weight Printed Flannel 100-Percent Cotton Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

As the flannel sheet is elastic all around they fit a 16-inch mattress. These flannel bed sheets are made from 100% cotton, are soft, easy to wash and are generally considered cheap flannel sheets as you can normally grab them for under $50.

5. Brielle

Brielle-Flannel-SheetsBrielle flannelette bedding is made of clean and natural materials and are known as ‘green flannel sheets’ a.k.a organic flannel sheets.

Most Popular: 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

Made of 100% cotton, and one of the cheapest flannel sets available, they don’t compromise quality as they still provide you with warm winter bed sheets to the finest.

They are made as extra deep pocket flannel sheets as they fit up to 15 inch mattresses and are super easy to make the bed as they are light and have elastic trimming. This flannel bed set from Brielle comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, so affordable at under $50.

6. Divatex

Divatex-Flannel-SheetsDivatex flannel sheets are another good choice for those who want quality 100% flannel sheets.

Most Popular: 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Sizes Available: View All Here

Extras: Duvet Cover, Pillow cases & more

Available in all sizes including king size flannel sheets, queen flannel sheets, twin flannel sheets and california king flannel sheets, these flannel sheets for this set are overcut to fit your mattress perfectly even after washing. It is also extra soft and feels cozy. You can also choose from other designs or colors from the Divatex flannel bedding sets.

Final Words

I hope these recommendations have been helpful for you. Remember to weigh your options and choose the brand that best fits your needs and preferences.

Note: You can get all these varieties in these and more: flannel sheets queen, flannel sheets king, flannel sheets twin, twin xl flannel sheets, kids flannel sheets and flannel crib sheet (and all come with matching flannel pillowcases).. You can also opt (if you live in really harsh winter climate) to get the matching flannel duvet covers and flannel comforter to complete the entire flannelette bedding set for your bedroom. If you opt for these, you surely wont need any heating at all!

So if you are considering buying flannel bedding, this completes the list of the best (in terms of quality) flannel sheets.

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