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Do you hate seeing droplets of water in or around your skin or on the floor from wet hands having to reach over to the towel rack? This is one of my pet hates, I hate seeing droplets, anywhere! To counteract seeing droplets in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or anywhere in the house that contains a tap, you really need to invest in Fingertip Towels – they are so handy!

You can’t really go running after your wash cloth every time your hands go wet. Plus, I hate wiping my hands after washing them in a big, bulky towel that is useless only to dry hands. It creates more unnecessarily washing for me and they look ugly in my bathroom.

That’s where fingertip towels come in handy.

Why Use Fingertip Towels?

luxury-fingertip-towelsThey are small, useful, convenient, lightweight, durable and absorbent. Fingertip towels are traditionally smaller than hand towels and wash towels.

To learn the difference between towels, Read Our Bath Towel Buying Guide).

They are aimed at keeping your fingers dry. Hence, the titular name. Place them near basins or sinks, and your fingers will no longer linger water droplets every time you wash your hands.

Now there are many types of fingertip towels. I wasn’t so sure about all the different varieties earlier. It was only when I started researching them that I have got a better insight as to what are things you should be really looking for whilst purchasing such cute small towels.

I will tell you about the one that I had purchased only recently. I got a ravishing fingertip towel quite cheap and I ended up owning more than dozens of them after only a few weeks as I found them so handy to place around my house.

Favorite Brand

fingertip-towel-setBest Selling: Click Here

Monogram: Click Here

You know what the best thing about this fingertip towel is? It is super soft to touch with its velour finishing towards the front. The other end is brilliantly created to be super absorbent that wipes off every water droplet present on your finger. It kind of absorbs it quickly but gives the impression as if the towel is dry once again.

One in particular fingertip towel from this brand comes with a big imprinted letter on its front, I purchase this regularly as gifts for my friends and relatives as I think they serve both as excellent presents and household items.

The point I am trying to make is that there is endless options available. You can opt for the one with your initials on it, or even better get more than one for each family member to encourage using their own towels. I do that of course. They are not that costly either.

monogrammed-fingertiptowelsWhat I also like about this brand apart that being soft is that it has an extra bit of classy feel to it with its ivory color that gives the impression of a five star hotel cloth.

The towel literally lets you enjoy wiping your fingers on it – weird I know but it truly is a delight. They are cute little towels that serve you just the purpose. I enjoy having them around whenever I am doing the dishes or just sometimes after washing my hands in my bathroom sink.

They come in a set of four. Isn’t that really thoughtful of Creative Scents? So even whilst you are washing two of them, you can leave the remaining two on display.

They also work great if you are trying to show them off to your guests. Mine are usually always there, but I have seen people who prefer taking them out only when someone is visiting. You could do that too, because they are that gorgeous and luxurious to look at. My sister places it in her powder room and they are handy there too.

Other Things You Need

Now if you are thinking just the fingertip towel should do, think again. Where are you going to place it? What if all of your towels become wet with excessive usage? Maintaining fingertip towels is equally crucial too. In order to achieve that you must get the following items as well:

Hand Towel Holder Stand

hand-towel-rackRing towel holders are the new fad. People are opting for them since they impart a posh like feel to your bathroom. You can opt for this beautiful ring stand to place your fingertip towels on. The satin nickel finishing on the stand is a brilliant way to take care of your towel since it doesn’t affect the beauty of your towel in any way. It is just outright perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen where space is an issue.

Standing Towel Stand

If space is not an issue for you, you can go for a much better looking wooden standing towel stand. The good thing is that they can’t corrode unlike the steel ones. It provides a great grip too and can be used to put many towels on it.

Portable Towel Steamer

Sometimes you find yourself in a quandary when there are people visiting and your towels are all wet. At such an hour you need something to dry them off quickly. This portable towel steamer can dry your towels within 15 minutes.

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