Easy Bedroom Storage Ideas For Extra Space


Whether you have a small bedroom which you need to think of some snazzy storage ideas to help hide the clutter or you have a medium size bedroom and looking for some handy storage ideas, these quick tips below will help get you started.

My #1 tip in is that; organization in your bedroom is the key to more bedroom storage space.

Following on from a recent post about small bathroom storage space, which has been received so greatly by readers, I thought that we can all benefit from some handy little storage ideas in our bedrooms also.

Closet Space

Bedroom-Storage-SolutionsAre you making the most of your closet space?

Want to know how to make the most out of your closet and fit extra things in?

Buy organizers, either cloth, wood or wicker and place these on shelves in your closet under your handing clothes.

This space should definitely be used, not left bare.

Drawer Space

Bedroom-Storage-OrganisationAll chest of drawers, side table drawers need organizers, again, you can choose either cloth, plastic, wood or wicker basket.

For greater storage space, you need to maximize and organize each and every square inch available. This can be done through proper organization with tools and accessories, such as those mentioned above, that allow us to take full advantage of storage space.

Floating Shelves

Bedroom-Storage-IdeasWho said, storage had to end at bedside tables? If you have been following me here at mybedmybath, you would already know that I am a floating shelve addict.

I love floating shelves. They are practical, easy to use, can be placed absolutely anywhere and are super affordable.

For extra storage space in your bedroom, place floating shelves above your bedside table for maximum bedroom storage space.

Space Under Bedside Table

Storage-Ideas-for-BedroomIf any space exists under your bedside table, use it.

Directly underneath your bedside table is an excellent opportunity for more bedroom storage space.

My personal favorite is to place wicker baskets there but you can also choose wood which is fashionable as well (I only advise not using plastic as you can make your bedroom look like a storage shed).

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