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Do you have trouble sleeping in summer?

Do you feel hot and uncomfortable when you sleep?

I sure did! It took me years to realize that I should really look into buying cool sheet sets to help me through the heat in summer. In such heat, especially when sleeping at night, it would drive me mad.

Before I purchased some of the sheets I’ve recommended below, I would want to have a shower every now and then, just to feel freshened up. I always used the air-conditioner, every night without fail, when the temperatures got too hot. However, when you are on a tight budget, using an air-conditioner all night isn’t feasible either. My husband thought I was ‘high maintenance’, but really, the summer heat is unbearable when you are trying to sleep.

Just like we do in the colder months when we buy flannel bedding, why do you think it’s any different in summer? We should be changing the material we sleep on to make us feel less hot and sleep more comfortably.

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Why You Need Cool Bed Sheets

Do you actually know that if you pick the right bed sheet material, you can feel better and sleep better, as you won’t overheat?

Well, the type of bed sheet or bed linen that you already have may be retaining heat and might be making you feel hotter than the already hot summer weather.


A main reason for not sleeping properly is from overheating. If this sounds like you, then it’s time you make a smarter choice and opt for cooler bedding choices such as cooling sheets and summer bedding sets.

By investing in sheets that will make you feel cooler, you will inevitably cut costs by refraining to use your air conditioner and opening your windows that invites mosquitoes in. Having bed sheets that stay cool, will keep you away from that stinky feeling and clingy sheets caused by the warm weather. The cooling type of bed sheets mean a more comfortable sleep.


Before we discuss the best sheets you need to sleep cooler and comfier during summer, here are the reasons why you need to change your sheets as soon as possible before the warmer months arrive!

Keeps You Cooler During Hot Weather

Regulates Body Temperature


Saves Electricity

Better Air Circulation

Better Nights Sleep

Healthier and Rejuvenated the Following Day

After a little research, there is actually a cheaper way of sleeping more comfortably – and that is by finding the most talked about cool sheets that people sleep on during summer. Aside from your bedding’s color and weight, the material of summer bed linen does matter – you need to buy bed sheets that keep you cool!

So in saying all this, do you actually know what is the best bed sheet material for summer?

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Best Sheets for Summer

1. Cotton Sheets

Ok, yes, I know what you might be thinking, Cotton Sheets – that is common sense. I know it may seem like common sense but most of you reading this, might think you already have cotton bed sheets, but think again. Most likely, you have picked up a bed sheet set that is a combination material such as 40% cotton and 60% polyester or 100% microfiber rather than 100% pure cotton. Go and check your labels now. This is most likely the case…

What you need is the finest, purest and 100% cotton bed sheet if you want to start feeling cooler when you sleep. And be careful! Most companies might use tricky marketing and labeling tactics making you think you are buying cotton but, in fact you are buying a cotton blend or microfiber. Some companies even say ‘Egyptian Quality’ when it’s not even Egyptian Cotton. See below all the brands of 100% Pure Quality Cotton Sheets recommended. Don’t be tricked as there is only a few brands that actually have them…

Best Selling: Available Here

New: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

Price Range: $19.71 – $109.99

*All are ONLY 100% Cotton As Recommended

*Available in Many Sizes & Colors


Mayfair-100%-Cotton-Bed-Sheets-White To Purchase: Best Selling Cotton Sheets (Available in 7 Colors & 6 Sizes)

Cotton sheets are soft, breathable and have absorbent features that keep you away from such a fuss. They are low maintenance so let your washing machine do your dirty work. Cotton sheets are strong, durable and easy to wash.

Pinzon-100%-Cotton-Bed-Sheets-2 Pinzon-100%-Cotton-Bed-Sheets To Purchase: Pinzon (Available in 3 Colors & 4 Sizes)

Most of us complain about our sheets sticking to our skin, most especially if it’s warm. With a bed sheet made of cotton, ‘stickiness’ isn’t problem.


To Purchase: High Quality Cotton Sheets (Available in 7 Colors & 6 Sizes)

Their breathable feature ensures that your sheets don’t start getting too dirty or smelly too soon compared to other synthetic materials. Generally you can use cotton sheets a bit longer than usual, saving you time, water and energy.


To Purchase: Meridian (Available in 5 Colors & 5 Sizes)

With their high-class performance, a sheet made of cotton isn’t too expensive compared to other fabrics that cost more but offer less. They are definitely a wise buy, especially in summer, as you don’t have to spend money pricey linens just to get the comfort that you want. With these sheets that help you stay cool, sleeping in a warm room isn’t that bad after all.

Cool-Bed-Sheets-Made-of-Cotton To Purchase: RoyalHotel (Available in 13 Colors & 7 Sizes)

So all in all, although most people think they have bought cotton bed sheets, after reading this, you’ll probably found out the opposite, hence why you still feel hot when you sleep. You most likely have bought a combination of cotton and polyester or microfiber sheets.

Tip: Make sure you opt for 100% cotton sheets, the top recommended, best selling and highest rated cotton bed sheets as above. Only buy the best as you are sleeping for a large part of your life.

2. Bamboo Sheets

Another type of sheet to consider for warmer months are bamboo bed linen. Although they can be a teeny bit more expensive compared to the cotton sheets, bamboo sheets do come with extra-good benefits; you get what you pay for here! They are softer than cotton sheets. For more amazing reasons why every bed should have bamboo sheets on them, including being 100% natural, hypoallergenic, wrinkle resistant, resistant to odors and the ability to repel bacteria and germs + more… you can read Best Bamboo Bed Sheets.

Best Selling: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

Price Range: $34.95 – $199.95

View All Bamboo Sheets: Click Here

Cool-Bamboo-Bed-Sheets-For-Summer Cool-Bamboo-Bed-Sheets To Purchase: Best Selling (Available in 14 Colors & 7 Sizes)

Sleeping on bamboo sheets allows the air to circulate freely, hence why they tend to have more of a cooling effect on your body, which is what we especially need from our bedding when the weather is warm.

As all of us perspire in summer during our sleep, bamboo bedding is more absorbent than cotton and is one of the most ideal bed linen fabrics to sleep on during a warm night for this reason. Moreover, bamboo sheets are not only soft and pleasant to sleep on, they have anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, unlike some other bedding materials.

Bamboo-Bed-Sheets-Cool-For-Summer To Purchase: Highest Quality (Available in 5 Colors & 6 Sizes)

You may be wondering, do bamboo sheets require special care? No, you have nothing to worry about – they are machine washable just like cotton sheets.

This Bedding Set Has Been Included as a More Affordable Option at RRP$34.95. It is a Bamboo Blend Fabric. Click Here for More Info
This Bedding Set Has Been Included as a More Affordable Option at RRP$34.95. It is a Bamboo Blend Fabric. Click Here for More Info

To Purchase: New (Available in 12 Colors & 5 Sizes)

This year, I purchased a queen set in gray and I saved over $220, I’m not sure if the special exists but you can check here to see if there is any specials or reduced prices (it normally comes with free shipping). You can also buy bamboo pillows that are healthier to sleep on aswell.

3. Silk or Sateen Sheets

If you want luxurious comfort then silk or sateen sheets should be on your list. Initially I thought these were expensive, but when I looked into them further, they aren’t that bad after all, plus you can’t beat the feeling of sleeping on such a luxurious bed sheet.

Best Selling: Available Here

Pure Silk: Available Here

Price Range: $19.71 – $109.99

View All Silk Sheets: Click Here

Silk-Bed-Sheets-for-Summer To Purchase: Best Selling (Available in 7 Colors & 5 Sizes)

Just a word of warning, if you are interested in silk or satin (sateen) sheets, look at the most popular and best selling here. Although many products claim to be ‘silky satin’, many are just made of polyester. These are the ones you need to go for.

Although Costly, This is 100% Silk. It’s 100% Mulberry, 400 Thread Count Silk Made of the Highest Quality.

To Purchase: 100% Pure Silk (Available in 10 Colors & 5 Sizes)

Using silk or satin bedding comes with some great features and benefits. Firstly, these sheets can adapt to both warm and cool weather – so that’s good value for money. Yes, you heard me right, silk sheets remain cool in summer which makes them an excellent summer bed sheet and vice versa –a self-adjusting fabric, indeed!

As a More Affordable Option, These Sheets are 20% Silk and 80% Artificial Protein Fiber With a Thread Count of 250.
As a More Affordable Option, These Sheets are 20% Silk and 80% Artificial Protein Fiber With a Thread Count of 250.

To Purchase: 20% Silk Sheets (Available in 3 Colors & 3 Sizes)

This material in bed sheets is made of the strongest natural made fibers. Washing may require a little extra care, but the material doesn’t shrink and has been proven to retain its condition after years and years of use. This type of cooling bed sheet is hypoallergenic – the best choice especially for those who suffer from asthma, plus, they are excellent to ward of dust mites also.

4. Linen Sheets

Another choice in bedding to make you feel not as hot when sleeping, to watch out for are linen sheets. If you’re looking for sheets that you can make use anytime regardless of the weather then linen sheets are a good purchase.

Best Selling: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

Affordable: Available Here

Price Range: $118.99 – $219.99


To Purchase: Best Selling Linen Sheets (Available in 6 Colors & 4 Sizes)

Linen is excellent in summer it remains cool, crisp and dry all year round. They are a bed sheet material that will last a lifetime. Keeping dry is extra important as we tend to perspire more in summer. These linen sheets are made of the finest and highest quality custom-milled pure flax linen. These feature no seams.

Highest Quality Linen Sheets Made in NYC. Will Last A Lifetime
Highest Quality Linen Sheets Made in NYC. These Will Last A Lifetime

To Purchase: Highest Quality Linen Sheets (Available in 12 Colors & 6 Sizes)

The below linen bed sheet set is perfect for summer. It’s been included here as it’s a more affordable option as it’s not 100% linen. Specifically, its made from 55% and 45% cotton which is just perfect for summer if you can’t afford 100% linen. It is vintage washed linen which has larger than normal dimensions to fit comfortably and deep mattresses. Also included, is a BONUS linen gift bag.

Affordable-Linen-Sheets-for-Summer To Purchase: 55% Linen Sheets (Available in 4 Colors & 4 Sizes)

They are easy to care and clean as they are machine washable, become softer with each wash.


And there goes the types of sheets that you might want to consider. I’ve made my choice, what’s yours?

If you have a favorite or have purchased any of the above before, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!

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