Pamper Your Feet with These Quality Bath Mats and Bath Rugs

There is always a comforting, or rather soothing feeling I get whenever my bare feet touch our bathroom rug after I shower. I know it’s just a mat, but they really do a great job in relaxing me after my shower.

Don’t you agree?

Isn’t it just a pleasure to step onto something soft, clean and luxurious after you’ve just had a shower or bath?

I don’t know about you, but if you have the same feeling whenever you step onto a clean bath mat then you know that it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Not only that, but they serve many purposes…

How? Read on…


Buying bath rugs is not only for pleasure but it’s for safety aswell. Bath rugs are an essential item in your home. They help to ensure there is no water on the floor after showering or bathing. For this reason, they are exceptionally handy in other areas of the house aswell, such as the kitchen, laundry or also as a door mat.

Bathroom rugs are also a ‘go to’ gift for many people whenever they may have an event such as a house warming, engagement or wedding. Many people like to gift their family and friends some home essentials such as these bathroom rugs aswell as bath towels, bed pillows and bed sheets in one pack as a beautiful thoughtful gift as these are items that everyone needs. These are also essentials that won’t go to waste no matter how many you have!


So if you are looking for the best selection in top quality bath rugs available for either yourself, friend or family, then, look no further. Today we will discuss the top choices available in bathroom mats including and not limited to, all of the following: non slip, wooden, bamboo, rubber, memory foam (microdry), luxury, runners, 100% pure cotton cotton, foam, microfiber and many others!

And…as an added bonus you can get a selection of these rugs and mats in sets also!

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What are the Best Bathroom Rugs?

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What Are the Cheapest Bath Mat Sets to Buy?

Why Alot of Bathrooms Now Have Patterned Bath Rugs

As you’ll be stepping on any of the below every time you have a shower, that’s a lot of wear and tear, so you will want to ensure the bathroom rug you will buy will last. Check out the selection below that have been tried and tested for durability!

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Best Bath Mats and Bath Rugs

Bath Rugs

The first style of bath mats we will discuss are the most popular style. These are the ones that if you want only the very best on your bathroom floor and below your feet, look no further. These below are the most popular, are super soft to touch, are made of high quality materials that last a long time and are made to absorb water, dry quickly, and even after years of washing, they resist fading. Additionally, they all feature a non-slip backing and are available in different colors and sizes to suit all bathrooms worldwide.

Best Selling: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

New: Available Here

Shag Rug: Available Here

100% Cotton: Available Here

Price Range: $14.95 – $49.99

This shag bath rug (below) is the most popular and best selling in this style of bathroom rugs because of the way it’s been made. To be specific, it’s been made in a way that allows the water to be held in the mat without it soaking it. Because it’s made of micro-fiber, it wicks the water off the surface so you don’t feel like you are standing in a puddle but it also dries super fast. The mat is mold and mildew free and will always remain to smell and feel clean. It comes in 4 colors and has a strong non-skid back which keeps the mat in place even when wet.

Best Selling: Available in 4 Colors

Best-Selling-Bathroom-Rug-2 To Purchase: Best Selling Bath Mat

This Trusoft Lattice bath mat as shown below is definitely one of best bath rugs to buy; its the one made of the highest quality. Some of you may think this brand is a bit expensive (it’s like only $5 more than the one below), but hey, it’s for your home; you have to invest in furniture and accessories that are guaranteed to last and will give you comfort. This is especially important in the bathroom. You want a bath mat that will endure lots of moisture and use as generally, showering is a multiple daytime activity. Remember that wise old saying ‘you get what you pay for?’…

Best Quality: Available in 10 Colors & 2 Sizes

To Purchase: Best Quality Bath Mat

The bath rug below is a newbie. It hasn’t been around for long but it’s been so popular! It’s my new obsession – my new pebble bath mat. Delighted to receive this from my husband for Valentines day last year (yes my husband bought me a bath mat because he knows how obsessed I am with them), and its the newest addition in our bathroom. I didn’t realize these were so popular with over 500 purchases online and e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y loves them. They are super soft and feel great on your feet after a nice warm shower.

Wanting some new, modern and comfortable, try the Pebble Bath Mat for under $50. It’s two for the price of one. You get a 21″ x 34″ and a 24″ by 40″ bath rug included in the set. It’s made of 100% cotton,  super absorbent and again, has an anti-skid backing. Plus, who doesn’t the design of it? A popular choice indeed…

Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: New Bath Mat

This Tissue bath mat (below) has been made with the highest quality in mind. It’s fluffy, fun, durable and versatile as it can be used in bathrooms and bedrooms. This bath mat is extra soft – can’t you tell from the photo below? It’s one that is handcrafted, meaning it’s top quality where the quality is unquestionable (and better than machine made)! It’s easy to wash, just follow the instructions on how to machine wash it. You need to view these rugs to see just how beautiful and how soft and plush they are! The same brand has another popular bath mat which is made from recycled materials, Click Here to View.

Tissue Rug: Available in 6 Colors & 2 Sizes

To Purchase: Tissue Bath Rug

The cotton bath mat (below) is cheaper than the other bath rugs available. It has simple and subtle features, for one, the color does not fade even if you wash it multiple times, two, it has a non-skid backing which will keep it from sliding off the floor, and three, it is soft, just very soft. You probably won’t have to do yoga once you’ve stepped into this rug because you’ll be relaxed in no time. It’s made of 100% lopped cotton and is great if you want something cheap and functional. It’s easy to clean and comes in a few different colors.

Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: 100% Cotton Bath Mat

Wooden & Bamboo Bath Mats

If you want your bathroom to have an air of the Japanese bathrooms or if you simply want a different bathroom mat from all the rest, these wooden or bamboo mats are an excellent choice. They are healthier as they don’t build up mold or mildew and are super easy to clean. They speak of modernness, uniqueness and are made from 100% natural Eco-friendly bamboo.

Best Selling: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

New: Available Here

Roll Up: Available Here

View All: Click Here

Price Range: $22.95 – $129.95

Bamboo-Shower-Mat To Purchase: Best Selling Bamboo Bath Mat

The best thing about these bamboo mats is that they are a bit elevated which allows water to evaporate. The best quality bamboo shower mat is shown below. It is handmade and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Teak-Shower-Mat To Purchase: High Quality Bamboo Mat

If you ask me, I absolutely love bamboo and wooden bath mats. I think that it’s worth having one of these in every household for something different, in addition to the traditional ‘bath rug’ style above.

Why? Well, for starters, I don’t opt for all the same type of bathroom rugs in each bathroom of my house, nor do I keep the same type throughout the year. I find that incorporating a bamboo bath mat is the best bath mat for summer time and they really change the look of my bathroom. My wood bath mat also suits the season better as opposed to rug/thread style which I find better (and warmer) for winter.

Bamboo-Bath-Mat To Purchase: New Bamboo Bath Mat

Roll-up-Bamboo-Shower-Mat To Purchase: Roll Up Bamboo Bath Mat

Memory Foam Bath Mats

Memory Foam is not only exceptional as a bath mat, but they can be used in other areas of your house, including as a door mat or a kitchen mat aswell. Hence, this is why they are so extremely popular. They are prefect additions to your house, not only for adults, but especially if you have kids. They are durable products that can last a long time. All these top recommended ones below are made to absorb moisture whilst drying super fast. They reduce the strain on your feet, feel like highest degree of luxury, are watertight, resist mold and mildew, fight 99.9% of odor and odor causing bacteria. All are made for uttermost safety inside the bathroom (especially when water is involved) as all are made with a slip resistant backing.

Best Selling: Available Here

Highest Quality: Available Here

In White: Available Here

Brand New! Available Here

Affordable: Available Here

Price Range: $11.99 – $32.99

To Purchase: Best Selling Memory Foam Mat

This ultra thick memory foam bath mat is thicker compared to other bathroom shower mats (especially compared to the cheap ones below). It’s also made out of fibers that are super absorbent. And, it’s also very comfortable when you step on it. It’s slip-resistant and will surely be a great addition to your home.

Highest Quality: Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: Highest Quality Memory Foam Bath Mat

This non-slip bath mat below has especially been made with anti-bacterial properties to resist bacteria build-up. It’s the most popular white memory foam mat that is made of soft microfiber which bounces back in shape straight away!

Popular White Non-Slip Mat, Also Available in 7 Colors

To Purchase: White Memory Foam Mat

New Pebble Design!

To Purchase: New Pebble Foam Mat Pebble-Foam-Mat

To Purchase: New Pebble Foam Mat

The below memory foam mat is a recent new arrival that is proving to be quite a popular choice. It has a different design to the other mats above which provides more further variety. It has the special ability to not only fit the contour of your feet, but it provides proper dispersion of foot pressure. It rebounds back into shape and is a pleasure to step on, wash and reuse.

Available in 2 Colors

To Purchase: Docbear Memory Foam Mat

Non-slip bath mats may seem a small piece of furniture inside the house, and yet they are quite useful in our daily lives. Just imagine getting out of the shower and stepping right on to the floor with your bare feet. Pretty gross, right?

Patterned & Abstract Bath Rugs

If you’re into art, or just want something cool and different as a bath rug for your bathroom, then these abstract, color and creative bath rugs might be for you. These are especially useful in children’s bathrooms also!

InterDesign Brand: Available Here

CreativeBath Brand: Available Here

Price Range: $14.95 – $49.99

There is an endless awesome designs, so much so that some of these bath rugs look like modern art.

Available in 9 Colors & 3 Sizes

To Purchase: Stripe Bath Mats

Striped-Bath-Mats To Purchase: Stripe Bath Mats

Most of these are made from microfiber polyester, are definitely soft to touch and easy to clean.

Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: Leaf Bath Mat, Shower Curtain

You can also get round bath mats from this brand that are quirky and fun (the doodle and poppy ones, just to name a few)..You gotta check out the range to see what I mean…

Available in 6 Colors & 2 Sizes
Available in 6 Colors & 2 Sizes

To Purchase: Chevron Bath Mat, Shower Curtain

Available in 4 Colors
Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: Poppy Bath Mat, Shower Curtain

Available in 4 Colors
Available in 4 Colors

To Purchase: Bath Mat, Shower Curtain

Zebra-Bath-Mat To Purchase: Zebra Bath Mat

Dot-Bath-Mat To Purchase: Bath Mat, Shower Curtain, Bathroom Accessories

If you prefer cute images over abstract art, you might want to check out the bath rugs from Creative Bath below. Creative Bath products have the cutest designs like an owl-shaped rug and a Rainbow Fish Rug (< most popular).

Owl-Bath-Mat To Purchase: Bath Mat, Shower Curtain, Towels, Bin

Kids (and kids at heart 🙂 will surely love them as they have some really cool funky bath mats too. Any age, any style, this brand has you covered in cool bath mats. These bath rugs are also relatively affordable and cheap with the prices ranging from $22- $33.

Cheapest Bath Mat Sets

Looking for a cheap rug to place in your bathroom? With price ranges from $16-$22 for multi-packs, on average you will find yourself paying less than $10 for each of these included in each set below. In regards to the cheapest sets, here are the ones most purchased on the internet.

Best Selling: Available Here

New: Available Here

Reversible: Available Here

Price Range: $11.99 – $32.99

Out of all bath rug sets, this set is made of 100% ring spun cotton and is ranked #1 by all customers on the look out for cheap bath mat sets. As it’s made of cotton, it’s all natural and absolutely free of chemicals or synthetic materials so it’s safe for all members of your family, from baby to adult.

Best Selling: Available in 8 Colors


To Purchase: Best Selling Set

Next is this new arrival! And what a new arrival it is; a beautiful mixture of quality, design and absorbancy. I am loving the new pebble design. This is a set of two mats that are made with 100% pure cotton and will surely absorb well after steamy hot showers. At around $13.99 for the set (at the time of writing this), that means you paying about $7 per bath rug! Woah, that’s excellent value! It comes in a few different colors and is made of hand tufted durable quality and also has a non-skid and non-slip backing. It’s super absorbent, super soft, durable and has easy care instructions – it’s machine washable!

New Arrival: Available in 6 Colors

To Purchase: New Arrival Bath Mat Set of Two

This bath rug below is reversible and is made by a popular brand. They make awesome homeware products, including this one that can easily be turned over to reveal a clean and new looking bath mat. This is especially useful if you have guests are coming over and your in a rush to clean up or if you don’t have any spare bath mats, you can use this one for twice as long! Made of 100% cotton and 1,945 grams per square meter for durability and strength which is also machine washable, you can’t go wrong with this one.


To Purchase: Reversible Bath Mats

Reversible Bath Mat: Available in 5 Colors & 2 Sizes

To Purchase: Reversible Bath Mats


A lot of people ask what my opinion is in regards to the differences between all of them and whether I recommend to go for the cheaper ones? I do find them useful, especially when you are tight on a budget or want something temporary.

One thing that is great is that you can store them really easily as they don’t take up much room in your storage closet.

What I don’t like is that they are thin and don’t provide much comfort for your feet. They also get quite wet if you step on them straight after a shower and take quite some time to dry. For me, they appear to be more like a towel for your body than a mat for your feet, hence why I’d rather opt for the higher quality ones such as the traditional bath rug style or micro-dry ones I’ve discussed earlier in the article.

For me personally, I have quite a few traditional cosy bath rugs (a shag one and cotton one), two memory foam ones, a bamboo bath mat and two of the cheaper bath mat sets as above.


  1. Excellent recommendations! I purchased the first one (Lattice) about a month ago, it’s brilliant! I’ve come back to see what else you recommend for my son’s bathroom. Thinking of going for the Tissue Rug this time. Looks so comfortable. The Lattice one was brilliant if anyone else is interested in getting one highly recommend it!