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Going for a shower or a bath? You might want to reconsider choosing the right bath towel to make all the difference to your bathroom experience. Not all bath towels offer the same features, some better than others. If you want to the best bath towel, there is numerous things you should look out for.

After a shower, all we want is to wrap our body in something that is not only absorbent, but soft. Additionally, we need a towel that can dry as fast as possible that would retain moisture.

These are only a few reasons why we have to be picky even when it comes to bath towels that we use. Remember, these are used on a daily basis; they are one of the most frequently used items in our house.

Here are some bath towels that you can choose from, all offer excellent features that I recommend but also at varying budgets; some are cheap towels whilst others are more expensive such as Egyptian cotton towels that offer ultimate comfort and a luxurious feel.

I have broken down each type of towel as below. You can use the quick links below to go to the exact towel that suit your needs. Alternatively, if you are undecided, please read through all before making your selection.

  1. #1 Best Selling Bath Towels
  2. Luxury Turkish Towels
  3. Luxury Ribbed/Stripped Bath Towels
  4. 6 Piece Towel Set
  5. Utopia Towels
  6. Bergamo Towels
  7. Quick Drying Towels

Pinzon Egyptian (#1 Best Seller)

Click here to view all colors available.

These are the best selling cheap bath towels purchased online. This set offers 6 bath towels for under $25 (check price). They 600GSM bath towels made of 100% Egyptian Cotton and offer everything you need in a good bath towel, absorbancy, softness and durability.

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 10 (View All Here)

On a personal level, these towels satisfy a lot of people in the size department. Does your current towel not satisfy you because it’s an inch or two inches short?If you want a large bath towel that covers your body so you can comfortably walk the house, you can with these towels. Compared to other bath towels out there, Pinzon Egyptian will surely keep your body covered from those prying eyes. The set includes 2x 30 x 56 inches bath towels, 2x 18 x 30 inches hand towels measure and 2x  13 x 13 inches wash clothes. Click the above links for more information and latest price.

Luxury Turkish Towels

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If you prefer to have a touch of elegance in your bathrooms and wrapped around your body, these best selling luxury Turkish bath towels are an excellent buy for an affordable price also (check price). The price includes a set of 4 bath towels.

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 8 (View All Here)

The name itself suggests what they offer; luxurious, soft, durable and stylish towels to surely satisfy your refined taste.

Luxury Ribbed Towels

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If you don’t want a plain towel hanging on your towel bars and want an authentic design, you’d love to have these hotel collection bath sheets that have a ribbed design. For the price below, they come in a set of 4 bath towels at 27×54 inches in size.

Latest Price: Click Here

Just look at them; they have more stripes compared to other towels. It surely isn’t plain. Apart from its authentic design it has also a double stitch edge for neater edges and a better finish. Again, these are 100% Genuine Cotton towels that becomes softer with every wash. They are also available in the matching hand towels and wash clothes (set of 6 and set of 12 respectively).

6 Piece Towel Set

6-Piece-Egyptian-Cotton-Towel-SetAre you someone who wants color variety? You can pretty much find any color you wish from this brand. One of the top features of this brand is their color resistant cotton ensures that your towels don’t fade. This is something that I really hate, I mean who would want a towel that has faded and appears to have been used for a long time? Not me.

Colors Available: 19 (View All Here)

Latest Price: Click Here

These 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set by ExceptionalSheets are 900 GSM and offer soft luxurious comfort with the a hanging loop also.The towels continue to look good as new as their vibrant colors remain despite several washes. You don’t have to worry washing your towels repeatedly using washing machine (especially great when you have kids).

Cheap Bath Towels

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Running out of towels and out of money? Divatex offer cheap towels that will solve your problem of being towel-less and money-less. They offer a set of 10 towels for under $50!

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 13 (View All Here)

For only around $30-$50 (and they are so cheap and they are not even bath towels on sale!!), that’s just their price. You can now have a 10 piece bath towel set including two bath sheets, two bath towels, 2 hand towels and four washcloths. What more can you ask for?

They don’t compromise on quality much either. At a slightly lower GSM of 540, they still are soft and absorbent just like other bathroom towel brands. But unlike others, this set has 10 good towels to offer; an affordable way to complete your bathroom or even a spa.


Click here to view all colors & latest price.

Want to have some soft towels made of natural materials, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials to wrap around your delicate body? Utopia bathroom towel sets are yours to own.

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 4 (View All Here)

This towel set includes 8 towels; 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels & 4 Washcloths in any of the 4 colors you desire. With 100% ring spun cotton, their elite softness will take care your skin. Say no to scratches caused by the towels which are not too soft enough.

If you have a baby, all of Utopia’s bath towel sets will surely pass their skin’s sensitivity. Moreover, it will definitely last as it is professionally hemmed. Say goodbye to fraying.


Click here to view all colors & latest price.

In a hurry, late for work? If you are always running late and take a quick shower, then you will need a towel that will dry you fast.

Let Bergamo towels work their wonders.

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 3 (View All Here)

With its thickness, it will surely take you less time to dry your body; it’s absorbent feature at its finest. Grab your fluffy set of towels now and allow it to give you a fluffy feeling.

Quick Drying Bath Towels

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In addition to the above, come these super fast, quick drying towels. They offer not only quick drying but they are beautifully woven, being neither too thick nor too thin, nor too heavy. The ‘just right’ towel.

Latest Price: Click Here

Colors Available: 7 (View All Here)

Don’t underestimate this set as being the last one on the list because it certainly isn’t so.

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