How would you summarize how your bed sheets feel?


…Run down?

…Over washed?


Do they feel and sound like the life has been washed out of them?

If so; Would you like a bed sheet that is…

Softer and more luxurious than cotton?

Contains absolutely NO chemicals?

Retains NO odors

Are the healthiest sheets to buy….

Well, if you are tired and fed up of having to deal with rough bed sheets and are looking to try something new with all of the above + MORE amazing properties…

Then maybe it’s time for you to make a change to…

Bamboo Bed Sheets.

What type do you need to buy? We will talk a little about this later…..But first, let’s talk about why sleeping on sheets made from bamboo will change your life…


Why Bamboo Sheets?

I opted to buy bamboo sheets and all I can say is that my sleep and my life (because our life is largely dependent on how we sleep) has entirely changed!

When I started researching about bamboo sheets, I had no idea what they were all about, I was like “I’m sure cotton sheets are absolutely fine”, I thought they were only for allergy suffers, but no. They are for everyone and they actually have heaps of benefits.


So what are bamboo sheets exactly? Well, the ones I have recommended below are all made from 100% bamboo (bamboo rayon sheets is used alternatively). You can also get alternatives for example, you can get bamboo sheets made from a blend of bamboo and cotton. I wouldn’t recommend anything else but these two as any other bamboo blended material is not pure bamboo and don’t have the same benefits as I outline below.

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Why Bamboo Sheets are Better Than ALL Other Bed Sheets!

How Bamboo Bedding Will Change Your Sleep (AND Life!)

What are the Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy?

Things to Look Out For When Buying Bamboo Bedding

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

So let me explain why they are so popular and loved by so many people worldwide (including me):

Bamboo sheets are softer than cotton (they are one of the softest bed sheet you can buy)

They contain absolutely NO chemicals

They are moisture wicking

They repel bacteria and germs

They are naturally resistant to odors

Bamboo sheets are therm-regulating so they adjust temperature. In summer, bamboo bedding is cooler than cotton as the sheets can be up to three degrees cooler.

Bamboo sheets are the most breathable fabric

They are made from 100% natural and organic materials – bamboo

They don’t need any special care, they are machine washable (see below on how to care for bamboo sheets)

They are hypoallergenic – perfect for people that have allergies

Perfect for people that have sensitive skin

They are the healthiest bed sheet fabric


I’m captious; and there’s nothing wrong about it. I just want what’s best for me and my family. And that includes choosing my bedding too, hence, that’s why I always prefer organic sheets. So for any of you that are like me and looking for the best sheets, I highly recommend these!

Fantastic, isn’t it? So, why wait? Take your pick now! These are the best ones available that are up for grabs.

What To Look Out For

Like I mentioned in my recent article (which you can read here), it’s important not be sold a ‘bamboo’ sheet when really it isn’t made of bamboo at all. I suggest you only look at the ones I’ve suggested below to avoid being disappointed and ensure you buy 100% bamboo sheets. Many people have accidentally bought ones thinking they were and came to me after reading this, realizing they had just purchased polyester… As I endeavor to accomplish with everything bed and bath related on this site, these are really only the best out there.


Furthermore, please note that the ‘benefits’ I have mentioned above are only applicable to 100% bamboo bed linen as I have recommended below. Again, don’t be fooled by labeling, as you need to buy 100% bamboo sheets in order to obtain these benefits.

Isn’t it great to have the freedom of choice in bamboo linen? Which brands are 100% bamboo that you should buy? Read on…

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Best Bamboo Sheet Brands

1. Cariloha

Ok everyone, if you are looking for the BEST EVER bamboo sheets, then these Cariloha ones are the one and only! Indeed these are healthiest sheets to buy! I do have to warn you, they come with a price tag. The good news is the price tag is worth it, apart from having a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, they are amazing – see below as I explain why!

Best Selling Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Healthiest Sheets to Sleep On

Price Range: $139.99 – $199.99

Colors & Sizes: 7 Colors / 6 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here


Why are Cariloha sheets so good? Well apart from being the top rated (4.7 stars out of 5, more than any other brand), they are:

Luxury bamboo sheets that come with a lifetime guarantee, so if anything happens, you’ll get them replaced with a NEW set!

The softest bamboo sheets you can buy

They are sheets that remain cool in summer (up to 3 degrees cooler than regular cotton sheets)

They are ‘clean’ – the natural material repels allergens and odors!


So if you are looking for the most natural, authentic and organic bed linen, then this brand is your pick. Don’t spare a cent and enjoy sleeping on these bamboo sheets for a lifetime. This brand has sheets that are rated the highest among all brands.

cariloha-bamboo-sheets-2Each set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet (18 inch deep pockets) and 2 pillowcases. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors (see above for more info).

cariloha-bamboo-sheets-1cariloha-bamboo-sheetsPlain and simply, quality comes at a price and these are it, so if you are looking for cheap bamboo sheets, move onto #2 and so-on. If you want the very best in bamboo sheets, see above for the current price (click here to view any specials and discounts that apply also).

2. Royal

Royal are the hottest selling bamboo sheets this year because they have massively reduced their bamboo sheet set price and they are flying out like hotcakes. Because of this they are very affordable to buy. They come in a variety of colors and sizes (see below for more info). They have a 300 Thread Count making them softer than cotton and are comfortable to sleep on in all temperatures.

Reduced Price

Price Range: $69.99 – $99.99

Colors & Sizes: 12 Colors / 8 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here

Bamboo-Bedding-and-SheetsGot sensitive skin? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. That’s why these royal hotel bamboo sheets were manufactured to help us deal with sensitive skin, skin irritations and allergies. Not all bed sheets are created for all skin types, but these Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set are; problem solved!

Soft-Bamboo-Sheet-Sets Soft-Bamboo-Sheets

3. BedVoyage

Okay, onto #3, this is another affordable and high quality option that I think will fit everyone’s budget quite snugly. Plus, who doesn’t want bed sheets that are odor resistant, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, are super soft and have an 18” deep pocket? Sound like something that you would like? Yep!

Softer Than 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheet

Guaranteed to Not Fade or Pill

Price Range: $98.99 – $107.99

Colors & Sizes: 10 Colors / 8 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here


Available in 10 Different Bed Sheet Colors. Click Here for More Info.

Apart from these bamboo sheets’ eco-luxury, thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic features, you will be happy to know that when you purchase it and wash it over and over, the sheets color will stay as good as new. It’s also guaranteed not to fade or pill. Now, who wants something that offers such excellent qualities? I do!

Available in 10 Different Bed Sheet Colors. Click Here for More Info.

If you’re looking for bamboo bedding sets, purchasing these Bamboo Rayon ones is a very good choice as according to bamboo sheet reviews, this brand is highly admired by thousands of previous bamboo sheet customers.


These bamboo fiber sheets that come in many different sizes from twin to split king are so soft that they are softer than a 1000 thread cotton sheet.

4. Brielle

For those who want to have an eye-catching weave and satiny feeling in your bedding, Brielle bamboo sheets are here to satisfy your luxurious needs.

NEW 510 Thread Count Weave

Silky Sateen Feel



Price Range: $54.99 – $79.99

Colors & Sizes: 5 Colors / 5 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here

Brielle-Bamboo-BeddingEach of us has our own specifications; so if you want something that feels different than all the others, this brand is different. These sheets have more of a satineey feel as they have a different weave than all the others. The weave allows it’s soft touch, silky sheen look and luxurious drape.


This brand manufactures their sheets to fit 17-inch mattresses (compared to the rest that have fit 18 inch deep mattresses, or even 22 inch mattresses like the one below).

5. Malouf

Not satisfied with your bed sheets because of the unpleasant odor that it releases even after a few days use? Malouf bamboo sheets are naturally resistant to odors. This brand has featured on our site for having the best cotton bed sheets that help you sleep better during summer. Therefore, they make some of the best and most reliable bedding.

Good Value

Price Range: $99.99 – $159.99


Colors & Sizes: 6 Colors / 10 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here

Malouf-Bamboo-BeddingMalouf is also the only company that manufacture a bamboo fitted sheet that fits mattresses from 6 inches to 22 inches (the largest possible).


Bamboo-Bedding-Colors As I mentioned above, these sheets are naturally resistant to odors and are hypoallergenic. You can now sleep well and you don’t have to be troubled about any unpleasant smell or odors. Each set contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

malouf-bamboo-sheets6. Clara Clark

Clara Clark bamboo sheets are another popular brand. It really is hard to decide which brand because they all really are popular and admired, for they all are made from 100% bamboo. So what’s good about this brand? Pretty much the same as the rest although they have a slightly different design. The fitted sheet comes with an extra elastic for a snug and proper fit. These are really affordable at around $50 and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Excellent Value

Price Range: $49.99 – $69.99

Colors & Sizes: 9 Colors / 3 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here


With these, your skin will be taken care of; you and your family no longer have to worry about rashes caused by the fibers used in your bedding.


Apart from this, this brand is indeed, 100% natural with no chemicals used, the sheets are incredibly soft, are breathable and have moisture wicking ability. The set comes with a fitted sheet that fits up to 13 inch mattresses, a flat sheet and 2 large pillowcases.


7. Bamboo Blend Sheets

The last lot of Rayon Bamboo sheet that I have included on this list is a NEW and POPULAR arrival. There is a few things I need to mention as to why this brand has been included: 1) cheap at under $40 (See below price); 2) New & Popular 3) Bamboo and microfiber blend.


Price Range: $31.95 – $34.95

Colors & Sizes: 12 Colors / 5 Sizes

Product Info: Click Here


These sheets are stain resistant, fade resistant and are dust mite free! Also, all the sheets require NO ironing as they are wrinkle free!

Available in Another 10 Beautiful Colors

Although cheaper and contain a blend material of 40% rayon from bamboo and microfiber, they are still made of the highest quality materials. If not, I would not have included them on this list of the best bamboo sheets!

To look after the sheets is easy, they are machine washable and keep their color after years of constant washing.

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets

Washing bamboo linen is easier than many people initially think.  Most just required a cold and gentle machine wash (the ones above I recommended are all machine washable) but I do recommend you read the label and care instructions when you receive your new bamboo viscose sheets to ensure you take proper care of them.


Basically, these organic bamboo sheets are softer than you can imagine. They will make you sleep like a log, literally, I bearly move all night because I am so comfortable.

Worrying about the weather? There’s nothing to worry about, all these pure bamboo sheets are therm-regulating, so you don’t have to look for another sheet whether the weather’s hot or cold.


And talking about organic bed sheets, these are your No.1 option for organic and Eco-luxourious bed sheets.


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