Best Bamboo Pillows


Unbeknown to the human eye, conventional pillows have a habit of accumulating filth. Yes I know – sounds terrible but it actually can be. It’s something that you can me can’t see, but it happens within each and every conventional non-bamboo pillow that we all sleep on at night. Conventional non-bamboo pillows that you are probably slept on last night and will tonight, aren’t really the healthiest option for us to be laying our head on at night, let alone a material that we breath and injest.

The best way for me to explain this is by providing reasons as to why bamboo pillows are the healthiest pillows we need to rest our head on at night.

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The Bamboo Pillow Difference?

What makes Bamboo pillows unique and different to other pillows? Here’s why

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Greatest ventilation
  • Made of 100% naturally harvested Bamboo is a natural material
  • No pesticides or toxic agents
  • Resists Odor Retention (very important for a pillow)
  • Naturally dries faster than other fabrics
  • Nothing is softer than bamboo!
  • Easy to care for / machine washable

These are just some of the reasons why people are tossing the pillow they slept on last night out of the window and buying bamboo pillows.

For me, finding that its fibers would wick away the moisture was a blessing – especially in warmer months of the year. It ensuredit sucked on my incessant sweating, and did not leave any foul sweaty odour behind.

My new bamboo pillows, provided me maximum breathability all because of the shredded nature of memory foam that it packs in and is comfortably cooler to sleep on. Amongst other reasons I found that bamboo pillows also help in improving memory, nourishing your immune system, keep inflammation in check, increase your focus, reduce anxiety and abate stress. Once you start researching about this stuff, it’s amazing what an effect on the type of pillow you sleep on has on your overall health.

Bamboo pillows have just the right qualities you need to ensure you experience a luxurious comfy feel without waking up to any dire situations. Also, they tend to regulate their temperature in order to ensure you stay cool. The memory foam they pack in has plenty of air circulation than the usual traditional ones. Intelligent design, eh! Lack of airflow in the latter builds up heat which will fling you out of your dreamy world.

Also, I like my pillows soft and plushy. Bamboo fits the bill just right.

Now that you know how miraculous bamboo pillows are, it is time I find you the best to relax on.

Best Bamboo Pillows

1. Memory Bamboo Foam Pillow

memory-foam-pillowOne look at it and you will see how brilliantly this fully adjustable pillow has been made. With about 40% bamboo to usher in top-notch bamboo qualities this is the one to buy. This brand makes the best selling bamboo pillows customers worldwide buy! A custom made pillow that will let you decide the amount of shredded visco elastic memory foam you want beneath your head. Yes, you guessed right, that defines the cool quotient.

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Why it’s the #1 Best selling Bamboo Pillow

  • It’s adjustable
  • Patent Pending
  • Allows greater ventilation
  • Promotes Proper neck alignment
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Made WITHOUT – PBDEs, ozone depleters, TCEP flame retardants, TDCPP, lead, mercury, or heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs.
  • Dust mite reistant
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – a must for allergy suffers
  • Easy to care / Machine Washable
  • 5 Year Warranty (Guaranteed against going flat)

2. Comfort Bamboo Pillow

comfort-bamboo-pillowThe brand moniker is just the way how they make their bamboo pillows. Akin to comfort they provide at hotels, I bought one of these to experience hotel like comfort at my home, and boy do I feel as if I am waking up in a hotel every morning!

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Yes, you can make the most of this extraordinary thoughtful hypoallergenic bamboo pillow that will conform to your head adjusting to remove tension and any stiff neck problems. This bamboo pillow has been designed with ‘open cell technology’ which basically means that it provides excellent air flow. In combination with its natural hypoallergenic properties, it is also antimicrobial which prevents mildew, mold and bacteria buildup.

3. Feel My Bamboo Pillow

feel-my-bamboo-pillowYou can’t just say no when Feel My Bamboo is here beseeching you to feel it. The brand is a beast in the pillow industry making outstanding pillows for your comfortable sleeping hours.

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Its pillows not only smell lovely but they suck out water from that sweaty head of yours as well. The hypoallergenic bamboo pillow bides by its shape without retracting which is another medal to its durability Nothing provides you better breathability than this endearing invention right here. If you are an asthma patient, this is the best you could find. Made of bamboo, it allows you to keep comfortable and cool whilst sleeping.

4. Original Bamboo Pillow

original-bamboo-pillowOriginal Bamboo is another leading manufacturer of bamboo pillows. The bamboo pillow you see is real plush and moulds as per your comfort requirements.

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It gives you no pain whatsoever as you wake up into a pain-free morning. Packing in qualities such as being resistant to dust mites, breathability, and moisture wicking this is definitely a good bamboo pillow to go for. Very versatile when it comes to auto adjustment is unrivalled. It lets your body temperature to impart you super-cool effect.

5. Hypoallergic Bamboo Pillow

hypoallergenic-bamboo-pillowThis is yet another beautiful brand that makes superlative pillows. A bamboo pillow by Xtreme Comforts will give you a sense of calm, when you place your head on it.

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Its softness will make you want to go to bed early.It comes with a micro-vented cover to make sure there is proper breathability maintained. It imparts you a super cool feel when it comes to maintaining the right temperature around you sleeping. It promises to maintain a proper support and will help you to sleep comfortably through every night.

6. Full Bamboo Body Pillow

full-bamboo-body-pillowIf you have a habit of turning too much in your sleep, the aforementioned pillows just wont suffice. What you need is a good body pillow to cover your dreamy shenanigans. Whilst there are many types available, this one right here beats them all hands down. Why, you ask!

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  1. It’s Bamboo! It packs in all high-grade qualities such as being hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating, features a breathable fabric, resistant to harmful microbes, odour-killing and anti-static.
  2. It is fluffy and big enough to cover your weird body movements.

It works just magnificently with side sleepers. It packs in enough strength and density to allow you to adjust your head into unparalled comfort. It will channelize your immune system into working profusely and avoid diseases to occur in the first place.

A full bamboo body pillow that is fluffy enough to ensure you dig your head in deep. It is long enough to cover all sorts of weird body movements. Also, sometimes when you feel like you need something to cuddle when you are feeling a little down and have nobody around, this one is big enough to let you do that. It works just magnificently with side sleepers.