Best Bamboo Bath Towels


I just love bamboo! I think I have a soft spot for bamboo mainly because they keep those dangerously cute black and white cuddly balls of fur up and running. Yes, Pandas! But the main reason I love bamboo it makes such versatile raw products that we can use around our home.

Anyone who owns bamboo furniture knows what I am talking about. They are made to laze on. The moment you think of bamboo furniture you think of lazy Sunday afternoons just lying there and watching the world pass by while you sip on your favorite homemade drink.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, it did. Organic Bamboo Towels! You read it right. Soft, smooth, silky, cuddle-worthy and eco-friendly towels! Words fail to explain the simple joy of wrapping yourself in a soft bamboo bath towel after a hot shower.

Why Bamboo Bath Towels?

Bamboo towels and cotton bamboo towels are the best towels you can use after a shower or bath or even as a gym towel due to it’s #1 property; unlike any other towel material, the anti-bacterial properties of bamboo are superb. They are also very less likely to accumulate unfavorable odours. Using bamboo as a material in towels make them highly absorbent in nature, so much so that they end up becoming very useful when you are by a pool or having a day off on the beach.

Along with having the anti-bacterial property as I mentioned above, bamboo bath sheets in the smaller sizes are useful in the kitchen; they also make for a great dish cloth. Their smooth texture also makes them a favorite amongst kids too.

Being an avid bamboo bath towel user, I would definitely recommend them to you. Wrap yourself up in the most cuddlesome bamboo bath towels based on only the best selection below.

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Best Bamboo Towels

There are some really good brands out there and many are easily available online which will make things further convenient for you. Some of them have been explained down below:

1. AmeriBamboo

Click here to view all colors available in this 3 piece towel set.
Click here to view all colors available in this 3 piece towel set.

AmeriBamboo (available here) provides a 3 piece of of bamboo bath towels of different sizes to cover all our day to day needs and for an affordable price, 3 towels for under $30!

Price: Cheapest Price Here

Colors Available: 5 Colors Available Here

The benefits of this brand are that they prevent odors from building up, are soft and have strong absorbancy.

The 3-towel set boasts of 100% high quality bamboo rayon with 40/60% bamboo rayon/cotton combination on the base. It contains 600 GSM (grams per square meter) that makes them a premium luxury towel set which are very absorbent, denser, heavier and more luxurious. They also come in a wide range of colors. There is no excuse to indulge in an enthralling toweling experience with the soothing AmeriBamboo towels.

3. Superior

Click here to view all colors and sizes available.
Click here to view all colors and sizes available.

Well, talk about affordability, this Superior brand (available here) has just reduced it’s price in a 6 piece bamboo towel set, meaning you get 2 of each size for under $45! You get 2 of everything; 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 wash clothes to cater for all your wiping needs for two of you.

Price: Cheapest Price Here

Colors Available: 10 Colors Available Here

The slight difference between this brand and above is that the bamboo to cotton ratio is slightly different; these are made from 40% bamboo and 60% cotton instead. Although not 100% bamboo they are hugely a popular choice! Cotton and bamboo towels will provide the comfort you need whilst at the same time decrease the carbon footprint quotient. As its moniker suggests, the brand manufactures superior quality products, and have done so for over 40 years. You can choose from teh greatest variety of color option including colors such as hunter green, sage bamboo bath towel sets to sand and salmon. What I also like about this brand is that you can purchase additional sets of any size you like such as just purchasing an additional hand towel set.

3. ExceptionalSheets

Click here to view all colors available.
Click here to view all colors available.

ExceptionalSheets (available here) is another exceptional brand that offers premium good quality, eco-friendly bamboo towels made of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton. Made from renewable resources, they provide a minimal carbon footprint.

Price: Cheapest Price Here

Colors Available: 6 Colors Available here

They are extra-absorbent towels that don’t retain moisture. So although thick and dense, they won’t take long to dry either. Again, they are a luxurious brand that offer uttermost softness and a towel that won’t fade even after many many washes it will endure. The one feature this brand has unlike any other here is the convenient and handy hanging loop to hang the towel afterwards (my husband loves this feature!). They are available in 6 colors including chocolate, taupe, lemon and sage to ivory, blue and white. With a 100% money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong here.

4. Cariloha Bamboo Towels

Click here to view all colors available.

Cariloha (available here) is a personal favorite brand of mine. I love their products and especially their bamboo towels. They offer a few different products in different sizes and sets to suit your needs. All products are a blend of approximately 60% Bamboo and 40% Turkish Combed Cotton (a cotton that is softer than the rest mentioned above)

Best Selling: Get Latest Price (4 Colors Avail)

View Entire Range: Click Here

This brand prides itself on the perfect amount of plush, neither too thick nor too thin. With it’s twisted bamboo, it makes its towels, as soft as it can get! These towels will make you want to cuddle up in them. Cariloha indeed are one of the makers of luxury bamboo towels that are perfect for perfect for home, gym, pool and spa. Don’t forget to refer to the entire range above to find individual towels (if you don’t want to buy as a set) and hand towels and washcloths made perfectly just like the ones shown above.

Go Bam-BOO at once!