Bed In a Bag: Instantly Give Your Bedroom a Makeover


What’s more clever and creative than pumping up the looks of a bedroom through bed in a bag sets? Not much…

There is no need to worry about complementing your bedroom décor because mostly all these bed in bag sets come in different colors and styles (literally, if you can’t find one from any of the below, than we may have a slight decor problem).

Also, the pieces included in each set would fit not only your style but also the shapes and sizes of your pillows and bed. Buying a bed in a bag set not only changes the ambiance of your bedroom easily, you save alot of time and money also as buying one is very affordable.

So what makes up a bed in bag set? Well, there is different combinations of comforters, sheets, and pillowcases and each bed bag is available in from a 3 piece bed in the bag up to 8 piece bed in a bag and varying in affordability.

Moreover, the convenience packaging of bed n bag (a.k.a room in a bag) makes it a popular and perfect gift item also.

Also note that you need to refer to each individual brand using the links below as you can get each available in the following:

  • Bed in a bag queen
  • Bed in a bag king (and California king bed in a bag)
  • Bed in a bag full
  • Bed in a bag twin
  • Twin xl bed in a bag
  • Kids bed in a bag
  • Toddler bed in a bag

1. Legacy

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A well-known quality provider in the U.S. and Canada, this brand manufactures a wide range of home décor from room dividers to accent furniture, and bed and bath decors. They have the best value when it comes to home textile and furniture, especially when it comes to their range of bed bags.

The most most popular bed in a bag sets are the 7 piece and 8 piece sets.

Most Popular: Legacy 8 Piece Bed-In-A-Bag Set

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

Tested for its rich imagination and splendid design ideas, Legacy Décor offers their bedding in a bag with a mix of trend and elegance shown in the varied color choices including the recently popular zebra bed in a bag. All full bed in a bag sets are machine washable, thus easy to maintain and keep.

This brand also have cool features such as reversible sheets that would make you pay two designs for the price of one. Truly, the Legacy Décor bed sets are too good for their price, you can grab a bed in a bag for under $100 (show prices)

With different geometric and printed designs, the most popular and highest rated are the queen size bed in a bag. Other popular choices are:

BONUS: You can also get matching curtains to this range of bed in a bag sets to complete your room (sold separately and you can see them by clicking the links above)

Not only are the sets soft and durable, there is many many different designs to choose from. Here are some of the most popular, but you can click the image below to view all designs/styles to choose from:

Full-Range-of-Bed-in-a-Bag-Sets2. Chic Home

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True to its name, this brand provides a huge range of designs to suit any consumers’ choices that are fashionable and sophisticated at the same time and you can grab an entire bedroom ensemble for under $100 (check prices)

Chic Home has the biggest range available, from 5 piece bed in a bag sets to 24 piece bed in a bag sets (woah!)

Most Popular: 8 Piece Embroidery Comforter Set

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

The bed in a bag sets offered by Chic Home are very dependable when it comes to design. Definitely, the cost is worth the bed design that Chic Home packaged in one bag.

If you are looking for a great find to simply add elegance and comfort to your bed, your teenage or child’s bedroom then, these bed sets will do this instantly!

Apart from offering between 5 piece and 24-piece bed in a bag sets, you can get sizes varying from Twin, Full, Queen, and King and made in materials such as cotton and polyester. The best part about choosing Chic Home for your bedroom is the colors that will add vibrancy to any bedroom.

View entire range:

Bed-in-a-bag-sets3. Pinzon

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This brand is the most affordable among the bed in a bag manufacturers as it is known for providing ‘cheap bed in a bag sets’ (check prices)

The simple designs of this range of bed in a bag sets, give warmth and style in any bedroom (but I say, they are especially suitable for boys bed in a bag, girls twin bed in a bag or teen bed in a bag sets).

Most Popular: Purple Bed in a Bag

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

In most cases, you can find this brand of bed in bag on sale and snap up a bargain at under $30 (show prices)

This brand offer the most inexpensive bed in a bag sets and are available in only 5 piece and 7 piece bedroom in a bag sets. The sizes available for purchase include: full size bed in a bag, bed in a bag twin xl and queen bed in a bag sizes only (if you want king size bed in a bag sets, you will need to refer to the other brands on the list)

Pinzon are known for cozy bed in a bag sets as all are made of a combination of cotton or polyester or a polyester blend.

4. Chezmoi

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Chezmoi bed in a bag sets (available here) are designed for durability and comfort. The brand offers a massive selection (view all below!) and in sizes of Twin, Full, Queen, King, and the California king, perfect for any bed in any home.

Most Popular: 7-Piece White with Black Floral

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

One may choose from sets made in polyester and synthetic materials that will give the comfort and warmth to every bed. They have 6 to 8-piece bed in a bag set of colors as vibrant as nature in the shades of greens and browns, and floral and leaf designs. These choices of design make their bed in a bag perfect all year round.

4. WPM

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WPM / Luxury Embroidery (available here) offers bed in a bag sets patterned for comfort through their elegantly embroidered pieces. You can also get these in large sizes of Queen, Kind and extra large (oversize) sizes.

Most Popular: 7 Pieces Luxury Embroidery Comforter Set

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

Their sets usually come as a 7-piece bed in a bag consisting of 1 comforter, 2 shams, 3 cushions, and 1 bed skirt, typically made of polyester material.

Usually in solid color combinations, the added embroidery makes their sets fit for any classy room.

Kids Bed in a Bag

kids-bed-in-a-bag-setsFor parents who want to style their kids bedroom with ease, there are also bed in a bag sets made for kids.

Colors/Sizes Available: View All Here

Kids’ bed in a bag sets usually come in Twin size, perfect for the size of any growing kid. Kids will definitely love a colorful bed, so a very attractive and playful design of the bed in a bag sets available to match the child’s personality puts the finishing touches on the kids’ bedroom design.

Some manufactures above have made sure that they produce designs that capture the interests of kids such as animals, fantasy, sports, and learning and more!

Truly, there is beyond a huge selection to choose from for both adults and children.