8 Tips in Decorating a Small Room: The Simple Guide to Making the Most of Your Small Space


Decorating small rooms can prove to be quite a challenge. You want to put something here or do something there but one way or the other, it just doesn’t feel right, it’s just too tight and simply, the space is not enough. So, how do you make the best out of your small bedroom space?

Want some small bedroom decorating ideas from bedroom design experts to make the most out of your small space?

Read on to find out how to decorate a small bedroom with the ultimate goal of turning your teeny tiny small bedroom into spacious looking and beautiful room.

8 Tips in Decorating a Small Room

1. Create a Focal Point

Small-Bedroom-Tips-Floating-ShelfA lot of small bedroom decor designers suggest creating a focal point.

So what is the best focal point to use? The usual focal point of a bedroom is the head of the bed (also known as the bedhead). Get creative and think of things you can put there. Here are a few simple and effective ideas on how to make a small bedroom look bigger:

For example, if you looking for a small room design, the easiest thing you can do is place a floating shelf on top of your bed head and place some small frames/items on these shelves. My advice is that less is best, be careful not to overdo it, don’t fill the entire shelf with frames, between 2-3 will do. You don’t just have to place frames with photos, many people place other items on these shelves also.

Why do I suggest a shelf rather than just placing frames? Because it creatives volume above the bed. Frames are flat and don’t have the same impact, however the simple placement of frames can still work.

TIP: Ideas for very small bedroom ideas include placing lights on this floating shelf like the image above. This means you don’t require bedside table lights or lamps which, again, can make a small room, look even smaller.

An elegant and tall bedhead works the same as putting on heels (that applies to women). When you have a tall bedhead, you make your bedroom look more streamlined. You want the attention drawn to the middle of the room rather than the sides.

Creating a focal point in the #1 thing for small bedroom design 101 that will help ensure that there would be no competition with the elements in your bedroom. If there are bold decorations in every corner, it will make your room seem smaller than it really is.

2. Multi-Functional Furniture

Investing in furniture that is multifunctional is just as important as the first tip in small bedroom ideas.

The number one stop for furniture for small spaces is IKEA. They have creatively designed furniture that can adjust to your needs. They have a console table that can be both a shelf and a desk. Or you might want to attach your desk on a wall.

TIP: Not close to an IKEA store or don’t want IKEA furniture? Don’t worry, you can buy only the very best and most useful IKEA furniture here or you can shop here for all sorts of furniture for small spaces.

3. Choose Light Colors

small-bedroom-decorating-ideasAny small bedroom design should be decorated in a light or neutral color scheme.

White is always a safe choice when it comes to decorating a small bedroom.

But if you are not so keen on white as it might be difficult to clean, you might want to go for other other neutral colors such as beige and light grey. If you aren’t keen on neutral colors, opt for pastel colors instead of bold and dark colors.

These colors choices will add a light feel inside your bedroom and also contribute to making it look bigger. However, make sure that the colors you use will complement each other, not ‘fight’ one another. As I have said before, do not let each detail fight for attention, but find a way for them to look blended with one another, whilst maintaining a ‘focal point’.

4. De-Clutter

This is perhaps the most challenging step of all. It’s difficult to throw some things away, but you really have to be brave enough to let go of some of your stuff. Try categorizing them into 3:

a. The ones you still use or need

b. The ones you can send to a charity of help center

c. The ones you absolutely need to throw away or let go.

It is not always easy, but if you really want to have a clean and spacious little room, you have to de-clutter; trust me, it’s one important step to how to maximize space in a small bedroom.

5. Use a Striped Rug

You know the fashion trick where they tell you to wear clothes with vertical lines to make you appear taller?

Well, it also works for all small bedroom design ideas too!

Invest in a striped rug to go with the design of the room. A word of advice: Choose a rug that has thin stripes, it will work best and don’t forget the color, make sure it ties in with the rest of your small bedroom furniture, otherwise it will look out of place.

6. Maximize Your Space

Small-Room-IdeasSo, how do you maximize your space to make your small bedroom look bigger?

It’s all about finding the best and most practical storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Option #1: Customize your bed, well, not your bed but use the space underneath as storage! For starters, many people opt to buy beds with attached storage underneath and these are excellent value!

MY FAVORITE: If you already have a bed or don’t like the idea of the above, don’t worry, you can still use the space underneath your bed in an elegant way. You can put small baskets such as wicker baskets or containers below it, either visible or not, they are a must have when decorating small bedrooms. Why? Because you can keep your essentials here: socks, ties, undies, or maybe small trinkets that are valuable to you. I personally use the wicker baskets and I have them visible because I think it adds character to my daughters room.

Small-Bedroom-Storage-IdeasOption #2: You can also mount cabinets on one side of your bedroom wall. Installing storage spaces in one corner can make it easy for you to know where your clothes or other necessities are. Just don’t place storage on both sides, you will make the room look not so big.

Option #3: Put shelves high up (this is similar to our first tip, but you can place floating shelves around the room).

Option #4: Hang other essentials behind your door. You can hang your towel or some bags behind it. Again, this will help make your room clean and organized and typically, it’s something only you will see, your visitors generally won’t see this clutter hidden behind the door.

7. Avoid Tiny Decorations

Small decorations tend to make a room crowded, remember, we want to de-clutter.

Instead, focus your energy towards small room decorating ideas by looking at larger decors as these will accentuate the room. Take a precaution on this. Make sure the items you choose are not too large; otherwise, they will look bulky and might instead be a negative distraction from your room’s overall design, medium size is best.

8. Use Mirrors

Mirror-in-Small-BedroomIn trying to make your bedroom look larger than it actually is, illusion is a crucial key. This is where mirrors come in handy. Try to install mirrors on one side of the bedroom wall, and it will do the trick. If you have enough room, opt to use mirrored doors as your wardrobe/cabinet doors (yes this may cost more but you are getting more out of your room).

If not, a large wall feature mirror on one wall with do the trick.

Using mirrors will appear as though your room has a different dimension.

Plus, you can also use it to check yourself from head to foot without having to look at your self in the reflection of a shop window.

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