6 Must Have Bathroom Essentials Every Bathroom Needs


Not only is a bathroom a place where we clean ourselves and tend to our daily errands and necessities, it can also be a part of the house that we can really incorporate some great decor and ideas. I am a big bathroom fan, I love decorating them, re-vamping them, changing my bathroom decor and furnishings regularly to revive the area up. There is so much you can do in a bathroom.

Today’s blog post is about a few must have essentials that every bathroom should have aswell as a few affordable tips and tricks on how to revive and renew your bathroom decor.

  1. Towels, Towels, Towels

Modern-Bath-Towel-SetsWell, yes towels are a necessity in every bathroom to dry ourselves but they are a also point of difference in every bathroom and an affordable way to revive your bathroom.

My number one tip for every bathroom in your house is to have a dedicated towel set, a quality towel set that is affordable, the important thing is that all the towels are all matching. Every bathroom requires a good quality towel set, including bath towels, hand towels and face towels.

Why not change your bath towels every season to a different color? Or different design/pattern? Or arrange them differently in your bathroom?

  1. A Durable (And Trendy) Bath Rug/Mat

Modern-Bath-RugYou can’t beat the feeling of stepping out of the shower or bath and stepping on a comfy and fluffy bath mat, letting your toes soak into such a pleasant feeling – you just can’t get much better than that.

I know many people just opt for the quickest or cheapest bath mat they can find, but why not start changing it up like I mentioned with the bath towels above?

Change the color or the type of bathmat for each season. What about a fluffy warm bath rug in winter or a clean, cool looking bamboo bath mat in summer? Buying new bath mats are an excellent and affordable way to revamp your bathroom decor.

  1. Matching Organizer Sets

Countertop-Bathroom-OrganizersSoap dispensers and counter-top organizer sets can really make or break a bathroom. I’d recommend you really try and decor your bathroom in a certain way or certain style and the best way to do that is with counter-top organizers.

Soap dispensers can achieve exactly that. Match your soap dispenser with tooth brush holders and countertop organizer sets.

It’s modern now to place your organizers out on display with all the necessities you need in arms reach.

  1. Not Your Ordinary Shower Curtain

Modern-Shower-CurtainsBack many years ago, the only shower curtains you had available to purchase were the plain white or clear, plastic or material shower curtains.

Not any more! I am big on theming rooms of your house and why not keep your theme running from your towels, bath rug, soap dispenser to your shower curtain aswell – it’s all possible.

Buying new, modern and trendy shower curtains is an affordable way to keep your bathroom clean and also revive it for different seasons also.

  1. Mirrors Galore

Bathroom-Magnifying-MirrorYou know the old saying the mirrors make rooms look bigger? Well they are a necessity in every bathroom.

If possible, try and display a large feature mirror on top of your bathroom vanity. Another important tip (mostly for women, but also handy for men also) is a smaller magnifying mirror for beautifying purposes.

It’s also worth getting one that has a lighter (or even better, a sensor light). The options are endless but are definitely an addition I recommend.

  1. Hair Dryer Holders

Hair-Dryer-HolderI haven’t met too many women in my lifetime that don’t use a hairdryer or a straightening iron. When I ask the simple question to my friends and family about whether they own a ‘holder’ they say ‘what?’ and stare at me weirdly.

This is one piece of equipment that every woman needs in their bathroom. It’s the only way you can store and also organize your hair dryer or hair straightening iron properly, without clutter and be able to use and store at the same time.

A must have for every bathroom beautician! You can choose in-draw, hanging or counter-top holders. The options are pretty much endless.

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