5 x 5 Minute Ways to Clean Your Shower (Without Chemicals!)


I am yet to meet a person that loves cleaning the shower, or bathroom for that matter. We all like to have a clean bathroom, but when it comes to cleaning one, it’s a ‘chore’ that comes with a few moans and groans. It becomes especially annoying when we share a bathroom with a partner or family; when bathrooms start getting used more often, it only mean’s one thing – a messy bathroom which requires more cleaning.

So here are 5 super simple ways to keep your shower clean all-year-long. A few simple, healthy, non-chemical ways to clean your shower in under 5 minutes! The best part of all, you can do most of these whilst your having a shower or doing a quick clean up, refresh or before house guests arrive.

  1. If you have glass shower screens/door, keep a shower squeegee handy. As you are finishing up your shower, start squeegeeing the shower screens/doors. This keeps them cleaner for longer and avoids soap and scum build up if you don’t do it.
  2. If you don’t own one of these cheap little sponges, you need one. One in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. These are handy because they act as a sponge to clean but also you can keep your detergent in them and have them handy and ready to go when you want to use it. I fill mine with equal parts vinegar and a little detergent and clean whatever I want in the bathroom, whenever I want. Because it’s there ready, it’s easy to grab and use.
  3. Cut your shower curtain with these cool scissors which ensure that you shower curtain doesn’t retain mold at the edges. By cutting with these scissors you are allowing water to drip off the edges instead of sitting and building up
  4. Easiest way to clean your shower curtain? Want a chemical free way? Just soak your shower curtain in salt water for a few hours, then let it dry. Mildrew doesn’t like salt water.
  5. Last but not least, cleaning the shower head / shower faucet. It can be tricky one to clean if you have left it for a while and it can be one that requires alot of scrubbing. However, there is a way you can clean it, without effort (no scrubbing) and without chemicals. Fill a small bag with vinegar and attach it to your shower head with a rubber band. Leave for approx. 12 hours (overnight) and the next day it will be as good as new.